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Maczkó family

Our true story

… Once upon a time beyond the river Körös, in the middle of the famous historical Hungary there lived the Maczkó family with its three members. They have been dreaming about a cottage in which they could start their handicrafts house. They wanted to demonstrate which arts they were skilled in. These arts are the straw weaving and bead tacking.

They were wandering and looking everywhere for a nice little house when in the May of 2009 they found the best cottage in Szarvas-Ezüstszőlő. The marvellous little cottage charmed them at once, and they knew that they have found what they were searching for.

They were busy as a bee and renovated their cottage to make it as beautiful as possible. While they were working on the cottage they were acquainted with the know-how of bricklaying, daubing, whitewashing and even with the secrets of heating a traditional adobe stove. Thus they were reaping their reward ….. and the Princess lived happily ever after with her Prince……No, the end was not this, however, the family’s dreams really have come true.

If you don’t believe, attend to it.

The characters of the fairy tale are waiting for you at the Sárarany Straw Cottage where the tale is being written even now.