In a farmhouse furnished in the mood of old times, our guests can be acquainted with the tools of straw weaving, with its traditional and modern techniques, and many objects made of special straw in the frame of a guided tour. Interestingly, almost all these objects are own creations. You can see lace-like straw fans, original scale Hungarian regalia made of straw, or a bridal veil decorated with woven straw. In another part of the exhibition the visitors can see special pearl jewels, among which the accessories of the Hungarian folk costume, as well as the pieces of today’s fashion can be seen.


Entrance fee: 800 HUF / person

Group discount – over 10 people 600 HUF / person


Herbaceous Garden:

On the property around the farmhouse a special garden with more than fifty kinds of herbs has been created. In the frame of a short walk the visitors are informed on use and beneficial effects of these herbs.

Entrance fee: included in the entrance fee of the Museum 


Rural catering table:

If the people who come to us also want to fill their stomach, we offer our traditional Hungarian pastries baked in our oven. They can taste the kenyérlángos (Hungarian pizza), crescent roll filled with plum jam, raised pie filled with cabbage (traditional pie in Szarvas) and different scones. For refreshments self-made syrups and teas are served.

For this program please always log in by phone! Minimum number of people is 8; menu and prices can also be negotiated by telephone.


Handicraft workshop

It is available for the visitors to try our handicrafts. In the frame of about an hour long workshop the interested visitors can make a smaller straw object or pearl jewel which they can take home. If you are interested in any other handicraft, please do not hesitate to call us, and we will find the way to help you. If you just want to see how our creations are made, we are ready to offer you a craft presentation. For these programmes please always log in by phone! The prices and any other details can be discussed by phone.